Corexit Dispersant: An Experiment

August 31st – 2:12PM (CST)

New Orleans, LA – The laboratory experiment done here by Marco Kaltofen and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute is just one piece of evidence that suggests the potential harm done to the environment by the use of chemical dispersants such as Corexit. Nalco, the chemical’s maker, has supported its product and claims that it is “generally no more toxic than oil”.

No matter what is done to control it, the spilling of millions of barrels of crude oil into an ocean ecosystem will undoubtedly wreak environmental havoc.  It may appear, however, that one of the more prominent methods employed by BP and Unified Command was ineffective at protecting the Gulf and, in fact, may have done it significantly more harm than good.  This test suggests just that but we will have to sit and wait until more testing is done.

-Nicholas Stone Schearer

For another dispersant-related video that we helped produce, click here.

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