Media Roundup

Photographer Jerry Moran explores Horn Island, MS with an independent research team

August 27th – 2:00PM (CST)

New Orleans, LA – With an ever-changing story that is constantly seeing new information brought to light, we’ve decided to create a regular round up of what is being said in the media – local, national, and everything in between – in order to help keep people informed and up to date.  With that said, here is a quick look at what the national media is saying about the spill now:

From The New York Times:
New information suggests that the process of killing the failed well was far more stressful than the public knew.

Also from The Times:
“Federal investigators pressed senior BP officials on Thursday about whether the company had a troubled record of safety problems even before the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster.”

From U.S. New and World Report Science:
Two new analyses report that huge plumes of oil generated by the BP spill continue to roam deep within the Gulf of Mexico and appear disturbingly stable. There is a lot of debate, even within the scientific community, about how much oil remains “at large” in the Gulf and at what rate it is degrading. Only time and more scientific study will tell…

Bloomberg BusinessWeek:
Deep-water drilling engineer John Guide helped orchestrate BP’s climb during the past decade to largest producer of Gulf of Mexico crude.
Federal investigators became visibly annoyed Thursday as BP executives were unwilling or unable to provide a clear picture of the company’s hierarchy or say who was in charge of the rig leased by the oil giant the day it blew up.

The Times Picayune:
“Federal authorities have re-opened more than 4,000 square miles of waters to commercial and recreational fishing off the western coast of Louisiana.”

-Nicholas Stone Schearer & Matthew Szabo

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  1. Really appreciate this new feature–great idea!

  2. Nice. I like the round up idea. Quick and concise. Keep at it!!!

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