Some Call It Home

Some Call It Home is a docu-series that seeks the world’s most majestic places and what it’s like to live and work in them.  These stories about people and place aim to inspire a better relationship with our natural world.   Each season will take us to a new location and within them, every episode features a unique character and story.  In Season 1, we visited Yellowstone National Park, guided by a Ranger, Trails Supervisor, Wildlife Photographer and more.

The story behind the story: In early 2015, Red Bridge began producing a new documentary project with the goal of creating meaningful, inspiring content that we’d be proud to share.  We eventually landed on a place that was important to each of us – Yellowstone National Park.  Our challenge was to find a new approach to an old subject.  So we sought to tell stories that would reveal more personal, unique sides of this American icon.  That spring, our team spent ten days there – filming with and guided by those who call it home.  There was the day with the photographer who didn’t take assignments, one with a trails crew that began in a spring snowstorm, and a very close encounter with a large Grizzly bear and her cub.  We returned to our respective cities inspired by our time there and excited about everything we captured. And then the journey began.

Over the the next year and half, the project saw various incarnations as we presented it throughout the industry.  It was an Official Selection at the 2015 Independent TV Festival, a finalist in the 2016 New York TV Festival/Participant Media ‘Works for Progress’ Initiative and has even inspired another project-in-progress with Discovery.  But after all that, it still didn’t have a home and the series we’d created sat in ‘Private’ on our Vimeo account.  But now, we’re excited to share it.  You can watch the first three episodes on our new YouTube channel, Some Call It Home.  The following three will premiere in September.

We could think of no better place to start than Yellowstone and we hope to carry this concept to different places and new stories around the world.  We hope this work inspires you too.  If it does, please help us share these pieces.  You can follow the series on YouTube and Facebook.  And if you want to show your appreciation for Yellowstone, consider giving to Yellowstone Forever, the Park’s official non-profit partner.

Thanks for watching!