A is for Adderall

Today, Americans are using, and abusing, prescription medications at an ever-increasing rate.  On college campuses, many students have put down the pipe and picked up the pills, as amphetamines have overtaken marijuana as the most abused drug on college campuses.  And college students aren’t the only ones. Consumers range from young children prescribed these medications to keep up at school to professionals combatting the pressures of their career.

Where was ADHD twenty years ago and how has it become so prevalent? Having spent time in academia and witnessing the role amphetamines play in the lives of students, our team has set out to uncover the repercussions of this dilemma.  In a pill-popping generation, how do we control the use and abuse of illicit, but often prescribed, drugs?  Do we even need to or has it gone too far already?

Red Bridge Productions is taking a closer look with extensive research and interviews ranging from ADHD’s to prominent PhD’s, authors, and experts. Delving deep into this issue, A is for Adderall will tackle the realities of ADHD in the United States and beyond.

Follow the production of our documentary on Facebook and check back for more content.

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