Our Friends

Ian Ziatyk, Bonny Schumaker, Nick Schearer, & Jerry Moran

Along the way, we’ve met and collaborated with a number of individuals and groups who are doing important work; their efforts and causes deserve recognition and support. Check out the links below for more information.

On Wings of Care:
On Wings of Care has helped provide us with amazing support, we applaud their hard work and dedication to helping the Gulf and all those fighting to save it. “On Wings of Care is dedicated to promoting the welfare of domestic animals and wildlife and their habitats by helping with searches, rescues, transports, rehabilitation, and scientific research.”

Captain Al Walker

Gulf Coast Charter Captain Alliance:
A life-long resident of the Gulf, Al Walker has been spearheading efforts to unite fishermen across the coast to protect and ensure their futures. We’ve been out with Al from Barataria Bay to as far as 75 miles offshore, working to document the progression and effects of the spill.

Dr. Wallace J Nichols

The Sea Turtle Restoration Project:
The Sea Turtle Restoration Project is currently working to protect wildlife being affected in the Gulf and was one of four environmental groups to reach an agreement with BP and the Coast Guard to oversee the burning of oil in the Gulf, which has reportedly been trapping and burning sea turtles and other animals alive. Dr. Chris Pintetich of the Project has joined us on numerous excursions into the field to document and sample the spill-affected areas.

Wallace J. Nichols, PHD – California Academy of Sciences:
Dr. Nichols accompanied us on a recent boat trip through the bays, wetlands, and shores surrounding Grand Isle, La.  We later spoke with J in New Orleans and gathered his insight on the crisis.

John Stephens III

John Stephens III – Luther’s Pontoon, Waverunner & Kayak Rentals:
Born and raised in Western Florida, John Stephens runs Luther’s Watersports in Destin, Florida. Thanks to Jon we’ve been able to speak with a number of local residents and further understand and capture the crisis’ true impact throughout the entire Gulf region.

Kirk Reynolds

Captain Kirk Reynolds – SS Enteprise:
Kirk has been fishing out of Destin, Florida and running a charter company out of his boat, the SS Enteprise for over 30 years. This summer he worked for the Volunteers of Opportunity (VOO). Kirk was also an extremely active and influential member of the local community in its efforts against the spill.

Native Orleanian Fine Photography:

Jerry Moran, a photographer and Louisiana native, has spent his career working with arts and culture, with work in galleries from Louisiana to California. The current crisis has led Jerry to shift his focus and concentrate solely on the devastation wreaking havoc in his home. On his site you’ll find a compelling and comprehensive library of photographs chronicling the spill’s effects in southern Louisiana.

Photographer Jerry Moran

Smith Stag:
“At Smith Stag, LLC, located in New Orleans, oil and gas production related cases are one of the focal point of our plaintiff-oriented personal injury, environmental, toxic tort and mineral royalties law practice. Our firm’s founding partners are pioneers in the field of oilfield waste litigation, namely “naturally occurring radioactive materials” (NORM) and “technologically enhanced radioactive materials” (TERM), which are harmful to humans. Clients look to our firm to tackle tough problems and pursue justice when serious injury arises due to oil and gas industry negligence.” Visit Oilspillaction.com for more information and to see some of our videos.

Advocates for Environmental Human Rights:

“AEHR works to achieve environmental justice by advocating for the human right to a healthy environment, as well as the human rights to life, health, racial equality, and security of one’s home.” We spoke with Monique Harden, the co-Director of AEHR about her perspectives about the spill and the government’s response.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:
Sea Shepherd has been an avid and active protecter of the oceans worldwide; some of their exploits have been chronicled on Animal Planet’s Whale Wars. We worked alongside a number of Sea Shepherd volunteers sent to Louisiana throughout the summer and early fall.

LEAN (Louisiana Environmental Action Network):
“LEAN was founded to help Louisiana citizens change the balance of power and challenge the continued economic and ecological destruction that had become institutionalized in Lousiana. By empowering more than one hundred grassroots, community organizations, and countless individuals, LEAN has already helped in gaining a tremendous foothold in the war to make Louisiana’s communities safer, healthier places to live.”

Dr. Lee Clarke of Rutgers University

Dr. Lee “Chip” Clarke:
We spoke with Dr. Lee Clarke, Rutgers professor and author of “Worst Cases” about the 2010 spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As Clarke tells us, this sort of event is nothing new, nor is the questionable decision to employ chemical dispersants as a response.
(check back for updates)

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