Florida, Mississippi & Alabama

Below is a collection of still photographs from the Gulf region east of Louisiana.

Almost four months later, we spoke again with Captain Kirk Reynolds
We caught back up with John Stephens III of Destin, Florida in November
Horn Island, MS
Horn Island, MS on October 23rd
Tar balls still litter the sand at Horn Island
Cleanup crew members stand amongst oil washed up on Pensacola Beach
Cleanup workers stand behind onlookers at Pensacola Beach on June 23rd
Oil litters the beach in Pensacola
An onlooker points out the oil on Pensacola Beach
A Coast Guard helicopter hovers low over Pensacola Beach
A Coast Guard helicopter scouts for oil over Pensacola Beach
Puddles of oil seep into the sand on Pensacola Beach
An oil puddle sits on the beach in Pensacola
A cup of oil gathered by a local resident in Pensacola, Florida
A Florida fisherman fears he may have to move if the oil's impact is too severe.
A Destin resident voices his concerns for the city's response plans.
Destin City Council Member Dewey Destin and Mayor Sam Seevers sit at an emergency meeting discussing response plans for the city of Destin.
BP employed cleanup workers return to Destin Harbor alongside a tourist-filled parasailing boat.
An oil sheen can be seen only a few miles off-shore in western Florida on June, 16th. The darker tone on the top is clean water, the rest sheen.
Red Snapper caught 20 miles east of Destin, Florida where oil has remained at a distance for the time being
Thicker spots of crude oil have begun to appear on beaches along the Florida/Alabama border
Orange Beach, Al
Orange Beach, AL
Clean-up workers in Orange Beach, Al
U.S. Coast Guard off of Orange Beach, Al


Oil on the beach in Pensacola, Fl
Bag of debris left by cleanup workers in Pensacola, Fl
Oil lines the beach in Pensacola
A cleanup worker clears oil debris in Pensacola, Fl
Booms await their placement in Destin, Fl
Booms line the shore in Destin, Fl

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