A is for Adderall Kickstarter Launch


December 22nd – Red Bridge Productions has spent the last six months investigating the realities of ADHD and the prescription drugs used to treat it for our upcoming documentary, A is for Adderall.  Today, we launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign and with your support, we’ll be able to continue and complete this mission.

Visit the Kickstarter page here.

Our team is taking a closer look with extensive research and interviews ranging from ADHD’s to prominent PhD’s, MD’s, authors, and experts.  Delving deep into this issue, A is for Adderall will tackle the realities of ADHD and the drugs prescribed to treat it.  While we’re using the University of Wisconsin as our case study, we still want to hear from students and academics at schools from throughout the country and beyond, as well as some of the field’s top experts, supporters, and critics.  No story is complete without all sides explored and we feel that until we’ve done that, we’ll be doing the subject a great disservice.

With that said, your support would be instrumental in enabling us to complete the production end of our project.  Furthermore, once we’ve completed filming, it will be fundamental in supporting the project’s post-production, doing wonders for our film by providing a narrator, original score, and color correction.  Finally, and just as importantly, it will allow us to kick off our early distribution efforts.  In addition to film festivals, we plan to promote the film to a wide range of academic and medical institutions and communities, including a U.S. college campus screening tour.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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