Shifting Gears

October 13th – 11:14AM(CST): Working in the Gulf since early June, it’s now been over four months since we started shooting in Destin, Florida.  Oil was still gushing from a mile below the surface of the ocean then and residents all across the Gulf were scrambling to react and defend their coast and their livelihoods.  We’ve seen, heard, and captured a lot since then and no doubt, the experience has had a significant impact on all of us.  Certainly, the state of things have changed dramatically and now there is a great deal of information left to be explored and analyzed, from scientific data, to BP documents, to our own footage.  While we’re still shooting in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf, we’re looking to focus more intently on analyzing all of this information and seeing how everything fits together.  As the next several weeks and months pass, we’ll also continue to talk to new people to help us make sense of it all, while revisiting some of the individuals and communities we examined over the last few months.  As this continues, we’ll begin work on consolidating this information into something cohesive that will convey the important concepts and messages; exactly what it will say can’t be certain just yet, but time and the facts we continue to find will tell.

We’ll continue with occasional posts about what’s going on in the Gulf and will look to share more images and video from our time in here.  Check in with our video and media gallery pages over the upcoming weeks and months for some of our work.


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