Media Roundup 3

September 9th – 12:oopm(CST)

New Orleans, LA – Here’s today’s roundup from the web:

BP revealed yesterday in an internal report what some presume is going to be their general legal strategy going forward- pointing their finger at the other companies associated with the Deepwater Horizon well. Read the executive summary here or the full 193 page report here. Transocean called BP’s report “self-serving,” and Halliburton noted that the report had “substantial omissions and inaccuracies.” In addition, longtime Halliburton employee Jesse Gagliano testified that he warned BP of a “serious gas flow problem” five days before the blowout. Their US stock rose 3.2% yesterday, now up over 33% from its’ low in June.  The Washington Post’s Joel Achenbach calls the report “blame dispersants.” As the summer comes to a close, new hotel business statistics show that Florida’s east coast had double-digit percentage increases, while tourism in Florida’s Escambia county saw a decline of 15% in June and 30% in July. And businesses and individual claimants are still having problems with getting emergency payment from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

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