Media Roundup 2

September 6th – 12:35PM (EST)

Washington, D.C. – With an ever-changing story that is constantly seeing new information brought to light, we’ve decided to create a regular round up of what is being said in the media – local, national, and everything in between – in order to help keep people informed and up to date.  With that said, here is a quick look at what the national media is saying about the spill. Coverage has continued to slow, but here are some of the pertinent stories right now:

Feel free to send links of interesting stories to or post them in comments.

CBS News:

CBS covers the removal of the failed million-pound blowout preventer from the depths of the Gulf, a key step in examining exactly went wrong and preventing future well blowouts.

The Washington Post:

The Mariner-owned oil rig off the coast of Louisiana

Another oil rig caught fire off the coast of Louisiana on Thursday morning, sparking further debate as to the safety of off-shore drilling.  We had the opportunity to fly over the site later that afternoon, where we saw what looked to be a situation under control.

Also from The Washington Post:

A very touching video about the residents of Venice, Louisiana and the struggles they’re facing right now.

The Times-Picayune:

A story about Louisiana fisherman Ryan Lambert and the struggles he and his business have faced since Katrina and the spill


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