Another Day on (and above) the Gulf


August 7th – 11:36AM (CST)

New Orleans, LA – for the second time in a week, we’re in the middle of a joint air/marine reconaisance mission.

Today’s focus: Sea Turtles

One member of our team left New Orleans for Venice, La at 4:30AM. From there, he’ll be out with Captain Al Walker in search of reported sea turtles suffering in the contaminated waters around Venice. Meanwhile, Alex is up on our team’s fifth flight with On Wings of Care. Track the flight in progress now. They are heading to Horn Island, MS where there have been reports of oil in a new form that is troubling folks from all over the region, from BP to Biloxi to Pensacola. Numerous sources have mentioned spotting tiny tar balls in large masses sitting submerged just beyond the tideline. Where the difference lies is that these tar balls are much smaller than even the smallest seen previously across the Gulf. This is a problem because the particles don’t wash onto the shore and are therefore even harder to collect. They’re also more likely to be eaten by fish and and other smaller marine creatures.

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