It was Destin…


Only four days down here and I think we’re all starting to feel our own connections to this place. The kind of connections that I never thought I’d have so soon. We’ve been fortunate to be able to spend time with locals. Mostly local business owners, some family run.

Today was bittersweet. This morning we explored some of Destin’s surrounding waters with an owner of a local boat rental company. While passing a section of boom in the Choctawhatchee bay he explained how, to him, the saddest part of this whole mess was what future generations will miss. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

In the afternoon we took advantage of some downtime on Crab island, a sandbar also in the bay. Genuine relaxation interrupted by occasional conversations of oil and the chaos to follow.

In the morning we’ll be going west to Perdido Pass, a beach in Alabama that has recently been hit with oil, to get some footage. We can only hope the beaches in Florida don’t suffer the same fate.

We came down here not knowing what we were looking for. I think we found it. It was destined.



  1. Really poignant. Keep up the great–and important–work.

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