Pensacola, Florida

Hot and humid here in western Florida; our first shoot was today in Pensacola, where the effects of the spill are evident. Oil “tar balls” lined the otherwise pristine beach, with intermittent “clean” spots where workers had cleared this morning.

Oil on the beach in Pensacola, Fl

Bag of debris left by cleanup workers in Pensacola, Fl

Surprisingly, this wasn’t enough to scare off a good deal of families from enjoying their time at the beach and in the surf. On that note, the area seems to be carrying on with business as usual for the time being, especially here in Destin, where oil has yet to truly hit the beaches. With bright orange and yellow booms lining the shore everywhere in sight, it’s obvious that the spill’s effects are imminent.

Booms line the shore in Destin, Fl


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