On the Road (again)

With our scheduled start date only two days away, Alex and Ian began the 1,000+ mile trek from Madison, WI to Destin, Florida after flying from Philadelphia at 7AM this morning. All told, it’s a 17 or 18 hour drive, but nothing they can’t handle.

Meanwhile, I’m wrapping everything up on the east coast to ready us for shooting, and I’ll fly to Mobile, AL tomorrow afternoon, where I’ll meet up with the rest of our crew and we’ll spend our first night in Destin.

Looking at the current crisis, the ocean’s current by now has spread the spilt oil all over the Gulf. For a more detailed picture, take a look at this graphic from the Times.

As you’ll see, the oil has reached Alabama and western Florida’s coastal regions but the projected future impact stretches even further. Having surpassed the Exxon Valdez as our nation’s greatest oil spill some time ago, this spill can not be considered as having merely a regional impact, rather one that is far more vast. With this said, our task is daunting and there’s no doubt that in the coming weeks and months, our crew will see many more days on the road.


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