Red Bridge Productions

On April 20th, 2010 a Deepwater Horizon and BP tanker exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, off the southeast coast of Louisiana, sparking what has now become the biggest oil spill in North American history. This disaster has already exceeded the Exxon Valdez spill that occurred in Alaska’s Prince William Sound in March of 1989, at the time the largest oil spill our nation had seen. In the weeks and months following this current disaster, BP has employed a variety of experimental techniques to stop the leak and limit the environmental impact that the millions of gallons of spilled crude oil will undoubtedly have; at this point nothing has proved successful. Their next attempt involves the drilling of the two relief wells, scheduled to be completed by August. Given the enormous nature of the disaster and the delicate ecosystems in which it is taking place and will affect, we at Red Bridge Productions find this situation to be one that needs to be documented by a variety of sources and from a multitude of angles.

The formation of our production company will serve the immediate purpose of creating a film about this crisis and documenting it as it continues to occur. The spill itself will warrant a great deal of time and effort on the production end, but it is its effects on the environment and the communities around it that will tell the true story of the crisis. Two decades ago, the Exxon Valdez spilled enormous sums of oil into the Prince William Sound, one of our nation’s most pristine and naturally vibrant ecosystems. The spill ravaged the sound’s wildlife but it’s effects reached far further than the waters in which it took place. The livelihoods of entire communities were forever changed, many have not recovered to this day. Despite this unspeakable disaster, BP and the United States government has allowed another oil crisis to occur, this time on yet another scale. Regardless of the details of who and what and why, one thing is clear; this negligence can not continue. Our hope is that the film that we make can serve to educate and inform the public and serve to inspire and initiate change, in mind and in action.

-red bridge

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  1. U go guys – good luck with this project- 100 %

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